UV Phone Sanitizer

Product Features:

  • AS SEEN ON SHARK TANK AND DISCOVERY CHANNEL: PhoneSoap’s revolutionary bacteria-zapping technology was featured on ABC’s Shark Tank and tested and proven on the Discovery Channel.
  • KILLS 99.99% OF BACTERIA WITH UV LIGHT: Our patented design is the only device that can completely sanitize your entire phone. Sitting on a UV transparent plate, and surrounded by scientifically proven germicidal UVC light and a reflective interior, PhoneSoap kills 99.99% of all bacteria on your phone.
  • FITS AND CHARGES ANY PHONE: PhoneSoap 3 fits all phones, including the larger phones such as the iPhone 8 Plus. It also has two charging ports on the back of the device, a USB and USB-C. You already charge your phone every night, now you can charge and sanitize at the same time. With PhoneSoap 3 you can charge a second device, such as a smartwatch, at the same time.
  • CLEAN WHATEVER FITS: While we have built PhoneSoap 3 around sanitizing phones, you can sanitize whatever fits inside. From pacifiers, smartwatches and headphones to credit cards and keys.

Product Description:

Decision with the voice prompt function, you will always get an alert when the unit begins to operate. It is a reliable unit that works in only 6 minutes to clean the device thoroughly. Aside from this, it has a sanitizing zone of 0.87*4.92*2.17 inches, which implies that it is magnificent for phones and different strategies for up to 6.5 inches. Other than this, the fantastic UV sanitizing innovation makes it an ideal unit that will convey compelling exhibitions. With only a push on the catch, the gathering will begin the activity and stops naturally when the cleansing is finished.

Also, it likewise includes a USB charging port that you can use for charging every one of your devices. It is a broadly pertinent unit that you can use to sterilize watches, adornments, Bluetooth earphones, and toothbrushes, among others.

UV Phone Sanitizer Short Buying Guide

Keeping the phone clean from germs and microscopic organisms begin by getting a definitive UV phone sanitizers. The UV phone sanitizers operate by produce UV light that will murder up to 99.9% germs and microscopic organisms for a spotless phone. You can likewise utilize a similar device for sanitizing different machines like keys, gems, watches, Bluetooth earphones, and MP3 players, among others. To include more, the UV sanitizers are in various sizes, which implies that you have to discover a pick that will suit your phone.

Focal points of the Product

To make your device shielded from germs, you will have different advantages utilizing this specific device.

  • As it is a rectangular sort little box, you will have sublime solace to keep it at your reasonable spot.
  • Extreme UV-C light kills the germs ultimately inside a brief timeframe.
  • It is anything but difficult to convey wherever and use it as indicated by your necessities.
  • The light separates the DNA of germs at the underlying stage.
  • Simply put, the line on the fitting and use it for sanitizing.

UV Lights Intensity

The sanitizer operates by producing UV lights that will kill the germs. For better performances and efficiency, you need to get a unit that creates a high-intensity light to kill all the bacteria. For the sterilizers, you need to consider units that produce 250nm frequency or more. You, along these lines, need to get a UV unit that is fitted with long-life UV-C bulbs.

UV Phone Sterilizing Area

Not all the UV sanitizers have a similar size, which suggests that you need to get a sanitizer that will fit the phone. Some are smaller to fit phones of up to 6.1-inches. Other than this, some boxes fit 7-inches phones while some fit up to 8.14-inches size. For better adaptability, get a unit that is bigger for all sorts of phone gadgets.

UV Phone Sterilizing Flexibility

You additionally need to consider a UV sanitizer that you can use for cleaning different gadgets. It ought to be ideal for phones, gems, watches, Bluetooth earphones, amplifiers, smaller toys, and substantially more. Such a unit will, in this manner, serve you advantageously.

Who is Buzzing About the Product?

‘This specific sanitizer has been giving me the benefit to keep me shielded from germs. Indeed I have been utilizing my PC and cell phone for close around ten years, and in a single minute, I don’t get assaulted by germs. The explanation is that my versatile and PC are under the Smart Sanitizer Pro’. A notable columnist in the USA says.

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