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Price history for Dremel 335-01 Plunge Router Attachment
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Product Features:

  • Fits model 275, 285, 395, 398; 100, 200, 300 and 400 Series; 3000, 4000, 4200, 8200 and 8220
  • Quickly converts rotary tool to plunge router; plunge lock-in handle; 2 depth stops for rapid depth adjustments
  • Plastic and metal construction
  • Includes plunge router attachment, an edge guide, circle cutting guide, mounting wrench, manual
  • 6 by 5-1/2 inches; 1-year warranty

Product Description:

It tends to be utilized as either a fixed-base or plunge router. It is a vast advantage that can’t be overstated. Why buy two routers on the off chance that you don’t need to? Sure, it adds some complexity to the design, yet it is well worth it. Since it is all built into one base rather than the typical two, the simplicity of changing from one mode to the next is an or more.

It is anything but difficult to set up, and the changes are exact. Changing bits is brisk and straightforward. The simplicity and precision of the tallness changes make getting it dialed in accurately direct. The delicate beginning and variable speed decrease payoff, including a layer of important exactness when starting your cuts.

The main negative, and it’s a small one, is dust gathering and working upon the shields. Most routers will have some residue issues, however, so this isn’t a dealbreaker using any means. It is an incredible plunge router – wealthy in highlights, influence, convenience, and adaptability. It handily earned its place as our top pick.

Plunge Router Short Buying Guide

Plunge routers add style and advancement to your work with trimmed designs, opened keyholes so hangings can lay level against the wall, mortising and doweling to conceal associations between abutting pieces, and scoring and fluting to give your work an exemplary look. They can build the worth and adaptability of your work in case you’re an expert, or make you seem as though one regardless of whether you’re most certainly not.

Other than that, let’s face it and let it out: we like playing with our toys. Plunge routers are enjoyable. They made you tear and rush, however much you might want. We’re not saying plunge routers are for sport, yet in case you will get one and use it, why not appreciate it while you’re grinding away?

Contemplations for Professionals

From the Carpenter of Nazareth two thousand years ago to the newest apprentice on the shop floor today, experts need the best devices accessible. Regardless of whether you’re only beginning in business or you’re balancing year 30, set the spending aside, and spotlight on the highlights, you have to take care of business. You’ll be happy you did.

A switch that sheds parts in light of excessive vibration, or that separates in an occupation in any capacity whatsoever can give you notoriety for being not able to complete your work on schedule. A portion of the producers in our rundown has a past filled with being delayed to react to client care demands for substitutions or fixes, leaving you with a vocation half-done and a furious client. Not great.

Great Products for Professionals

The primary thing you have to search for is constancy. Your apparatuses need to work unfailingly, consistently—that sort of steadfastness requests accuracy building and plan, which like this costs cash. As should be evident from our rundown of audits, slapping a well-known brand name on a device doesn’t ensure it’ll merit the cost.

The passage is a well-known brand name among autos, yet during the 1980s and 90s, the name turned into an abbreviation for “Found On Road Dead.” It’s false any longer. However, the exercise is transparent – don’t let a brand name on the case delude you about the substance. Request great artistry.

The following thing to remember is the highlights you’ll be utilizing. For regular work, for example, making attorney framing or laying a couple of depressions in bureau entryways, you most likely won’t need all the additional items. They’re decent, yet in case you’re not utilizing them, why trouble to pay for them? Concentrate on trustworthiness, and you’ll be a great idea to go.

If detail work is your bread and butter, at that point, risk and get the same number of features as you can. There’s nothing more regrettable than hauling out the other instrument at each progression of the activity. One tool that does everything can spare long stretches of set-up time, making it extremely valuable.

Contemplations for Home Users

Home lovers face an alternate, yet no less genuine, arrangement of challenges while choosing a plunge router.  Except if you’re forcing a carpentry business to leave your home, the majority of your excellent quality force instruments may be utilized a couple of times every year. It doesn’t bode well to rampage on costly devices on the off chance that they aren’t being used frequently.

Given that, we generally incorporate a “Best For the Money” category, searching for the best value for the money. A router with fewer features and a correspondingly lower cost will frequently be the best decision for doing a couple of unspecialized temp jobs around the house, or in any event, taking on that unique task you’ve been arranging.

Fixed Base Router

With a fixed base router, the depth of the cut is set before you turn the router on. In different words, if you set a fixed base router at a cut depth of 1/4″, the router bit distends past the base 1/4″ until you change the intensity. The absence of a plunge mechanism will, in general, make these routers lighter and more affordable.

Plunge Router

A plunge router allows you to alter the depth of cut while the router is turned on. This component proves to be useful when you have to make various passes on board, removing somewhat more wood with each pass. To precisely plunge the router to the proper depth while being used, plunge routers have depth stops.

Plunge routers can be utilized to cut mortises, halted notches, dados, and etched letters (with unique dances). The primary weakness contrasted with the fixed router is that the plunge mechanism adds weight to the router.

Choosing which one of the two is the better decision may be something unimaginable. Without actually comprehending what you’re going to do with it, taking into account that the two instruments do the equivalent definite activity with minor contrasts that are advantageous as indicated by various conclusions. Notwithstanding, today, we are here just to talk about the plunge router and go further into its qualities and the different items that will shape your experience.

Tips When Buying

When power tools malfunction or need to be replaced or repaired, you’ll need to deal with the manufacturer at some point. Tragic to state, even the best of them have spotty records right now. Every so often, you’ll run into a client care delegate who comprehends what they’re doing, yet they’re the exemption as opposed to the standard.

Your initial step is to look at the case before you open it. Switch manufacturers have a background marked by selling renovated or repaired switches as “new.” We’ve seen this too often with such a large number of organizations to limit the chance. Go over the crate like a falcon before you open it. On the off chance that you have any doubts, it may have been opened and resealed, archive it by taking pictures from each point.

Open the container cautiously, if you need to reseal it and return it – at that point, look at the substance with a similar bird eye you utilized already. When you’re fulfilled, open up it and check for any conspicuous assembling absconds,  metal pitting, free parts or screws, breaks in the handle or plastic protecting, arrangement issues, or hazardous electrical strings.

When it’s working, keep the receipt,  for eternity. Keep it someplace where you can discover it. It’s the most straightforward thing on the planet, and the one an excessive number of individuals ignore. Without a receipt, you’ll be left with a vessel stay on the off chance that anything turns out badly.

Different Options

Keep an eye open for alternatives, for example, additional collets in various sizes. Are there any bore sets made explicitly for your switch? Shouldn’t something be said about change wrenches, guides, or different connections? On the off chance that there are, it’s wise speculation. Manufacturers “should” incorporate the vast majority of these with the switch. However, the truth of the matter is the majority of them don’t, or just include the stripped-down. Griping won’t achieve anything, however buying them alongside the switch will, and you’ll spare yourself a great deal of time and inconvenience later on.


Our reviews of these plunge routers demonstrated the clear superiority of the Triton TRA001. It’s our top pick, and for a good reason – it’s a workhorse with a lot of intensity for rock-solid occupations. It’s anything but difficult to set up, use, and alter. Changing bits is a breeze, and besides some residue gathering in the shield, this is a top-indent plunger switch.

The lightweight Makita Kit is our pick for best for the cash. At the point when the cost is an issue, yet you would prefer not to forfeit quality either, this is the switch to pick. For those conscientious tasks around the house, this model surpasses everything in its value extend.

Many producers are offering contending models of each size and shape with highlights in abundance to look over. It’s not exactly a wilderness out there, but rather, it isn’t for the absence of exertion, so we’ve hacked out a way for you. Presently as opposed to chasing around for the best arrangement, you can focus on completing that unique carpentry task, or a few or four, you’ve been dreaming pretty much every one of these years. Appreciate!