Conair Foot Spa

Product Features:

  • A luxurious spa experience awaits you with the Conair Foot Spa / Pedicure Spa with Bubbles and Pinpoint Massage Attachment; the bubbles gently massage and soothe your tired, overworked feet
  • Heat feature will maintain a temperature of water placed into footbath for an estimated 10 minutes of relaxation
  • Includes a pinpoint massage attachment for extra massage action
  • Deep reservoir to fully immerse your feet and large basin to accommodate men’s size 12 feet
  • The foot spa was designed with a convenient toe-touch control that allows you to turn the foot spa on and off with your toe, without having to reach down
  • The splash guard helps prevent splashing and spills; massage nodes on base and splash guard. Non-slip feet
  • 6-foot power cord

Product Description:

It will be the ideal post-workout, post-run, post-hike choice around. It’s designed for those with active lifestyles and does everything it can to ensure you don’t miss out on your favorite exercises in light of some bothersome weakness. With it, you’ll get three connections, which you can utilize or not, we’re not the supervisor of you, while. The LED exhibit lights add something cool to the entire experience, particularly on the off chance that you need to wash your feet in obscurity (you do you, brother). It offers a fantastic foot knead, whether you need it consistently or just once every week, and with the toe-contact catches, you can work it totally without hands. It’s not the biggest around, yet at the same time enough for enormous feet, and its necessary arrangement and activity mean your drench is as issue free as it ought to be. Our practical manual for the best inflatable hot tubs includes progressively extraordinary items like this.

Conair Active Life Waterfall Foot Spa offers significant level serenity. The air pockets give a mitigating impact to the worn-out feet. The inherent connections contain successful foot spa items for purging and shedding. The LED light makes warmth to make bubbles. The base of the machine is non-tricky and empowers open to sitting for feet. The plastic material is robust and enduring.

Foot Spa Short Buying Guide

Before you choose the best foot spa for you, look at these significant highlights to ensure you’re picking the item you’ll maximize. While some may look superior to others initially, they may not be ideal for you and your home, so having one final look is essential.


No one appreciates plunging their feet in lukewarm water, and a significant part of the impact of a foot spa is lost if the water isn’t at or around a specific temperature. A warmed bath is ideal for the best outcomes, as it warms the sea to your perfect temperature without you expecting to do anything independently.

More advanced foot spas will utilize Smart Heat Technology, which works to maintain an optimum temperature during your spa meeting. It keeps you from sitting in water that bit by bit gets tepid and sort of gross and guarantees a fruitful spa shower to mitigate a throbbing painfulness, or just treat yourself.


Contingent upon your involvement in foot spas, you may need one with numerous program choices to locate your preferred mode. While not all baths do this, those that do are famous on the off chance that you need an assortment of alternatives to treat distinctive foot issues.

These projects assist you with focusing on issue territories through instant frameworks, making it simpler to get the treatment and results you need. These projects are commonly found on the interface center point and can be set with a single press of a catch. If you’ve been encouraged to buy a foot spa by a clinical expert, they can frequently offer you guidance on to what extent to splash your feet to fix any issues, as well.

That being stated, the planes likewise should feel like only two asthmatic worms hacking, and if so, with your foot spa, you should have recently not irritated. Jets won’t take care of all your foot issues, yet when they work, you can’t deny how incredible they can feel, and on the off chance that you love the planes on your jacuzzi, you’ll likely appreciate foot spa planes, as well.


Vibration knead capacities are found overall brands and scopes of foot spas. You can set the power of the vibrations to discover which one works best for you, yet be cautioned that fluctuations that are too solid could cause spillage if the water level is excessively high. You can likewise join the vibration with different highlights, for example, heat and air pockets to locate the ideal treatment for what your feet request.


A bubble function is perfect for stimulating the reflex zone. Much like full-sized jacuzzis, they also add to the whole relaxation thing you’re going for. Bubbles can be joined with an assortment of different functions, for example, warmth and vibration, to locate the ideal treatment for you.

You’ll also have the option to adjust how extraordinary the bubbles are, which is valuable in case you’re somewhat more sensitive than the average individual. They need not be on always either, so on the off chance that you are vulnerable, you won’t have to stress over them destroying the whole experience.

Noise Level

A foot spa that is too loud is a quick method to demolish the atmosphere you’ve strived to accomplish. While foot spas won’t be excessively loud without anyone else, it’s the additional highlights, for example, vibrations and different angles, which could influence the noise level.

It may not be an issue for everyone, except on the off chance that you have wooden floors or live on the subsequent level. You could cause interruption for both yourself and any neighbors living underneath you. Most importantly, you need your foot spa to be as unwinding as could be expected under the circumstances, and a lot of noise could impede this.

Cord Length

A force cord is fundamental for an electric foot spa, yet you should discover a resort with a cord length that won’t make the experience unbalanced. Longer cord lengths take into account more prominent compactness, permitting you to utilize your foot spa any place, even though it could cause an excursion danger.

Shorter cords severely limit where you can utilize your foot spa, and if there’s not an outlet near where you do your unwinding, you may battle to arrive at top treatment. You can generally utilize a new cord if need be. The cable ought to also be ensured, as you don’t need any sprinkling water to harm the parts and circuits, which will break the unit and mean you can’t get the best possible foot spa experience you hunger for.


As much as you may want to, you won’t utilize your foot spa every minute of every hour of every day, so it’s important to consider where you’ll keep it when not being used. Reduced foot spas make this simple, and collapsible alternatives are shockingly better for this. If you have a ton of free space around the house, it ought to be sufficiently simple to discover someplace to store it. Yet, on the off chance that not, you hazard jumbling the home (something different that could hinder your journey for unwinding) and cause harm to the foot spa if somebody stumbles over it. It would most likely damage them, as well.

Massaging Rollers and Jets

Second, to just warming, this is the most crucial component you need to search for in a foot spa. All things considered, what great is a foot spa if it can’t give you the loosening up foot knead it guaranteed you on the case. Both massaging jets and rollers are essential in massaging your feet, and the best foot spas have both of these gadgets cooperating to give you the most loosening up experience you could request.

Thus, when purchasing a foot spa, consistently search for something that offers them two, instead of going for something that solitary highlights one of these. There are likewise two or three varieties with regards to how these massagers are fitted inside the foot spas, however most of the structures available element a lot of rollers on the base of the tank, where the feet should be put, with a couple of more situated on the sides.

More rollers and jets aren’t better, however since they do wind up taking a considerable amount of space within the tank, which implies there’s less space to loosen up your feet in. In this way, pay a unique mind to massage rollers; however, don’t be excited when you see a foot spa pressed to the edge with one.

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