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Balance Toddler Bike

Balance Toddler Bike

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Product Features:

  • STEP-THROUGH FRMAE – The unique step-through fame is designed for young rider easy for them to get on or off the bike. HI-Ten Steel frame is sturdy enough to survive the multiple bumps.
  • AIR-FREE TIRE – Different from the normal rubber tire need to be inflated, the tire made of foam, never go flat while minimizing the weight, a young rider can carry the bike on their own.
  • EASY ADJUSTMENT – The bike comes with Quick Release Seat for easy adjustment, suitable for kids 18 months to 5 years old. The seat is 12.2″- 15.7″ ( 31-40cm) adjustable.
  • PADDED SEAT & SOFT GRIP – The bike equipped with padded seats and soft grips, providing comfortable cycling for a young rider. A geat transition to pedal bike for kids.
  • EASY TO ASSEMBLE – The bike comes with a basic assembly tool, normally takes a novice 20 minutes to assemble it. NOTE: Adult assembly is required

Product Description:

Every component in this bike is tailored towards providing a wholesome experience for the rider. Based on all this, and that’s only the tip of the iceberg, the JOYSTAR 12″ Kids balance toddler bike is a practical decision. Talking about the progression through the frame, it is exceptional and guarantees that riders can quickly jump on and off the bike. All altogether, it presents comfort and usefulness served on a brilliant platter.

More on the frame itself, it is made of HI-Ten steel, which implies that it is sufficiently able to stand mileage just as the trial of time. For all-around comfort, the bike is outfitted with a cushioned seat only as a delicate hold. Along these lines, regardless of how long you are spent on this bike, the odds are that your little one won’t feel it at all. At that point, there is simply the way that the bike is unbelievably simple to amass and even comes furnished with a get-together device. Quickly best, everything ought to be a great idea to go.

The Joystar 12 is a high malleable steel-framed kids’ balance toddler bike. It should make the motorcycle practically indestructible. It, in the same way as other balance bikes, has a low, simple to step over the frame. The Joystar comes with EVA airless tires. In addition to the fact that this stops you from getting punctures, yet the EVA tires will likewise be quite light.

The Joystar has a base seat height of 12.6″, so you need your youngster to have a more drawn out internal leg than that. You need them to have the option to have flat feet on this bike. At the point when balance bikes don’t have brakes, flat feet are fundamental as they will enable your kid to stop and add the certainty that they need.

To assist you with setting the seat height rapidly and efficiently, the Joystar comes with a fast discharge seat brace, making for easily adjustable seat height. You won’t need any apparatuses to alter the ride height when you and your child are out playing in the recreation center. The Joystar is basic. No rushes child’s bike; everything that you need and none of what you needn’t bothers with. It will need negligible upkeep, and it will be prepared to hand down to more youthful kin.

Balance Toddler Bike Short Buying Guide

Balance bikes are also known as ‘walking’ or ‘running’ bikes as they have no pedals and rely on the child to propel themselves alongside their feet. Some balance bikes are intended to suit children from as youthful as 18 months, albeit two years is an increasingly average beginning age.

The critical ability to ride any sort of bike is balance. Adjusting is an aptitude that is all-inclusive whether or not you expect on riding a street bike, trailblazing bike, or even a motorbike! That is the reason balance bikes are a decent choice for children. They are not just fun. They instruct exceptional engine abilities and great propensities right as it so happens.

On a standard pedal bike with training wheels, children are urged to pedal first and balance second. It can make the movement troublesome when the training wheels are evacuated, and the center becomes balance first, driving second. At the point when it is the ideal opportunity for a child to move to a pedal bike, at that point, those agreeable on balance bikes need just to figure out how to pedal, a much simple movement.

What is a Balance Bike?

A balance toddler bike is a little wheeled bike with no base section, wrenches, or pedals. A small child can walk or run while situated on such a bike.

Choosing the Right Balance Toddler Bike

Choosing the right b balance toddler bike may appear to be straightforward in contrast with a pedal bike; there are fewer moving parts. They show up simple to work, they are little, and they cost far, not precisely a full-sized pedal bike. In any case, don’t be tricked, there are numerous interesting points to guarantee you pick the right bike. The following are the key components you have to consider while choosing the right balance bike.

How Does Balance Toddler Bike Work?

Once they have a bit of speed with their seated walking or running, your child can start to learn to balance and skim. It will come in sprays from the outset and afterward will begin to look smoother. Now, slowing down by hauling their level footed feet will create or potentially the utilization of a hand brake (if the model has one, many don’t). Furthermore, hence, a little ripper is conceived!

The Adjustability of Balance Bikes

It’s reasonable that you want your child’s balance toddler bike to keep going as long as they want to appreciate is – usually a few years. Look for a bike with adjustable seat tallness that offers a decent range. A few forms likewise have adjustable handlebar statures, providing a much progressively customized fit.


Be aware of how much the balance toddler bike weighs. The heavier the bike is, the harder it will be for a child to move. The harder it is, the more outlandish a child is going to want to do it.

The weight of the bike will rely to a great extent upon what material it is made out of and the kind of tires. As an unpleasant guide, focus on a bike that weighs close to 30% of the child. An undeniable yet pivotal factor to consider is the highest weight limit of the balance bike. It is dangerous to ride if the child surpasses the prescribed safe weight limit.

It’s likewise worth thinking about the weight of the bike from the parent’s point of view. Anybody with children will educate you concerning the limited ability to focus and potential for wild emotional episodes. There’s a high probability, because of the whimsical idea of little children’s perspectives, you may wind up conveying the bike and your child home from a ride.


After getting the right size, the grips and the seat are the two most important points to consider. They are the two of the bike and will influence how the youngster handles and controls the balance toddler bike.

Ensure the grips and not very thick and can without much of a stretch be clutched. To provide additional insurance for little hands, search for grips that have large bulges outwardly. These large bulges will provide coverage for kids if they scratch their handlebars against dividers, shrubs, or other sharp articles. They will likewise keep a youngster’s hand from hitting the ground on the off chance that they do tumble off the bike or Sneaking off the side of the handlebars.


There are two standard kinds of balance toddler bike tires, foam, and air. Froth tires will never go level; however, they have no padding and little footing. Air tires are increasingly costly and a few more cumbersome, yet provide incredible padding and foundation for a progressively pleasant ride for gutsy children.


When riding a balance bike, the primary wellspring of halting will consistently be the rider’s feet. However, hand brakes can assist with forestalling injury, spare children’s shoes, and better set up a kid to ride a pedal bike. They’re particularly useful for more seasoned riders who ride quicker. Many balance bikes don’t have hand brakes, yet they’re generally found on better quality balance bikes. If you discover a hand brake on a bike under $100, it is probably going to be hard to utilize.

Edge Materials

Most balance bikes are either steel or aluminum. Aluminum is lightweight, reliable, rust-verification, and is utilized in better quality bikes. Steel outlines are standard on more affordable models, yet make a heavier bike and are inclined to rust. A couple of balance bikes are as yet made with wood outlines.

Benefits of a Balance Bike

Safety: In the early stages of learning to ride the balance toddler bike if the child is unsure or lacking confidence, they can just put their feet down when they have to. The child ought to have the option to easily remain over the bike, permitting them to stroll along, staying over the bike to improve their confidence before attempting to ride it appropriately additionally.


Confidence is everything for children, and being able to learn at their own pace is critical. Riding a balance toddler bike urges children to ace the basics first and dynamically grow further developed aptitudes related to riding a bike.


Riding a balance toddler bike will improve a child’s coordination and exceptional engine abilities, which will continue into different aspects of life. Riding will help their profundity discernment, spatial mindfulness. And overall physical capacities, including quality, adaptability, and portability.

Basic Traffic Rules

Riding outside will teach children basic traffic rules like halting for lights, searching for traffic, and going across the street. Authority of these rules is fundamental before children can be left all alone to investigate the world.


With the wealth of electronic gadgets available to us nowadays, it’s extraordinary for children to search out; however, many active interests as could be expected under the circumstances. Getting out for an everyday ride on the balance toddler bike is an incredible method to keep small kids busy, and as they see their movement, they will need to ride significantly more.


Being active will likewise improve their wellness. Corpulence rates are increasing at an alarming rate; anything we can do to expand action and teach children healthy exercises is going to profit them over the long haul. Getting children into a healthy, active routine is additionally essential to construct deep-rooted wellness propensities. On the off chance that you start them youthful, the physical movement will appear to be a typical ordinary thing, and not a task.

Outdoor Activity

Getting kids outside and active is crucial. Getting them away from computers, tablets, and TV screens is an excellent method to break up their day and keep them busy. Being outside will likewise stimulate them to keep going for the remainder of the day.

Respond to Stimulus

Riding outside will urge youngsters to respond to their condition and figure out how to manage outside elements like temperature, twist, perhaps downpour, and differing landscape. Getting used to these components early will make the change to riding a pedal bike on their own a lot simpler.


Guarantee tires are siphoned up to their predefined pressure, and any earth or coarseness expelled. On the off chance that you don’t blow up the tires, they will be progressively inclined to squeeze pads and unfavorably influence the treatment of the bike, making things pointlessly hard for kids.

Check the Bearings

Check the bearings of anything that moves; wheels, handlebars, the seat, and brakes. Grease up the bearings consistently to forestall them rusting or squeaking.

Clean and Dry

Ensure the bike is in every case, clean and dry. As referenced above, if your bike is produced using steel or wood, it very well may be inclined to rust or corruption. On the off chance that conceivable, keep the bike inside consistently or possibly out of the components.


The cost of parity bikes will rely upon the brand, outline material, tires, size, and parts. Going through more cash doesn’t generally prompt a superior item, so make sure to follow the above rules and purchase a bike that fits, suits the nearby territory, is lightweight, and one that your kid cherishes.